Moving Companies and Insurance.


When you use a moving company it is wise to take several steps to protect yourself. Moving companies are not subject to government regulation. There are enough horror stories to make you realize that stuff happens. Protecting yourself in advance can eliminate potential headaches and disasters.

  • Get several companies to give you a quote for the DELIVERED PRICE. Even better is having them GUARANTEE the quote.
  • Get references.
  • Beware of estimated prices. That is exactly what they are, an ESTIMATE. Companies may have a policy that calls for FINAL PAYMENT BEFORE UNLOADING. You may now have your possessions being held hostage until you pay an amount that isn't the estimate, but a much higher price.
  • Use a CREDIT CARD to pay for a move. Almost all credit card companies will support the customer through a dispute until settlement.
  • STUFF HAPPENS even with the best of movers. Insurance is important for long or short moves.
  • Everyone needs to purchase a RIDER on his or her OWN INSURANCE POLICY regardless of how much insurance the mover has. It can be difficult to ascertain exactly what the MOVER'S INSURANCE would cover in the case of all sorts of catastrophes that can occur during a move.
  • * Prior home or new home, make sure you are covered for damage that can occur on either end of the move. If you are changing insurance carriers when moving you should check with both companies.
  • RIDERS are an inexpensive safety net.

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