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The Pets


Don't feed or water your pet for a few hours before you leave. Once you're on the road, feed only once daily. Make frequent stops to water and exercise your pet, and keep your pet on a leash for its protection, and yours.

Try not to leave your pet in the car alone. If you absolutely have to leave your pet in the car unattended, lock the car doors and crack the windows for fresh air and cross-ventilation. Check on your pet regularly if you must leave it alone for very long.

If you leave your pet alone in a motel room, notify the management and hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Before leaving the motel, use your air freshener to help eliminate odors.

If you're traveling with a bird, keep the cage covered to help calm it. Remove water and food dishes to avoid messy spills. Feed and water it at stops along the way.

Arriving At Your New Home

Donít let your pet escape while your furniture and possessions are being brought into the house. If they are in a contained area, make sure there are signs and everyone knows not to let him or her out. You donít want to start your new move with a lost pet.

Like you, your pet needs time to adjust to the new house and new surroundings. Use your pet's favorite food bowl, bedding and toys to help it feel at home.

Once everyone's settled in, locate a new veterinarian. Your old vet may have a recommendation or you can contact the local Humane Society for references.

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