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Moving can be exciting, overwhelming, chaotic and exhaustive. This is definitely one time when you need a good long-range plan.


Make a few decisions about how to approach moving based on how far you are going and who will be assisting you with the move. What will work to get you moved and how much time do you have to pack up? Professional movers, family and friends, who will be helping you pack and load the truck? Get a couple of estimates from moving companies and truck rental companies.

About now is when you start realizing you have accumulated stuff you may no longer want or use. It is a good idea to plan a yard or garage sale, donate to you local thrift shops, give charities any items they could use, and throw out the junk.

Gather up boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, packing tape, markers, index cards (to list the contents of each box) and any other packing materials you intend to use. Old sheets, towels and blankets can make good padding for some items.

Think about the floor plan of your new house and make a chart so that with a little luck on moving day items will go to the right room.

Pack the non-essential items you are going to move one room at a time if possible. Make a content list and put the destination room on each box before it gets sealed up.

Be careful not to pack up the last minute items you are going to need. Certain items will be the last things you pack and the first boxes you will need to unpack. The essentials include things like a toothbrush, toilet paper, towels, change of clothes, a few kitchen items, and a few toys if you have kids, plus the basics for your pets (dish, toy and food).

As you pack there will be items you don't want others to move due to the risk of theft or breakage. If you are moving a short distant then move the art work, glass and marble furniture tops, collectables, your good dishes, and some of your electronics yourself. For long distant moves take your jewelry, important documents and as many valuables as possible with you personally.

Find out if the movers you use are insured. The mover's liability coverage for lost and damaged items may not equal their replacement cost and you may want to purchase moving insurance. Photos and appraisals of valuables are always a good practice.

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