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Where ever the location, the terrain will roll and the vegetation will be lush. Hardwood trees and pines grow tall in the area. City streets are lined with oaks. The edges of woods are sprinkled with dogwood and redbud trees that put on a spectacular show in the spring only to be outdone by the display of color from autumn leaves on the hardwood trees in the fall.

The climate is modest but with a definite four seasons. Winters don't begin until November and are mild until January. Snowing is seldom but does occur in late winter.

A variety of shopping centers are sprinkled through out the county, the newest on the list being a regional shopping center. If you have visited Durham's web sites, you have learned of our industry and have discovered a large part of the industry in the Park is in Durham county. If you have not visited those sites, then take this opportunity to visit the Research Triangle Park and take the virtual tour. This site will provide you a map that depicts the area so that you may see where in Durham county that it lies and it will take you on a tour of the tenants and owners in the park. In addition to maps and tours, there are job site locations.

Medical facilities available in the area are world class. Duke University and Duke Hospital are in Durham. UNC and it's hospital are only a few miles away.

We are served by the Raleigh Durham airport. Large lakes for boating are in adjoining counties. A network of roads is currently under construction to make driving about the area easier.

Please give me a call or contact me by confidential e-mail if you want to know more about homes in Durham . If you need your questions answered or assistance finding a home, I'm here to help. If you choose to fill out the attached form and e-mail it back I would be happy to search for the homes that meet your specific requirements and send you the results. I can be reached by e-mail at jp@julieparrishrealty.com


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