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Durham Locations

The choice of locations to live in, in Durham county, is not limited.

You can live in a gated community, a condo, a loft, in a converted warehouse, a new subdivision, in a country club area, in a single family home on a city street, on a river bank, on a hilltop, in the woods on a country road, in a retirement community, by the university, on a golf course (10 of them), across the street from a shopping center, near the Research Triangle Park, by the hospital or in the country with your own stable or pond or garden and your own birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer.

You can choose communities with all very luxurious new homes or communities with old and stately homes on rolling lawns. You can choose more modest communities. You can choose close to the city in communities like Forest Hills, and Trinity Park or away from the city in communities such as Willowhaven, Hope Vally and Treyborn or somewhere in-between in a community such as Croasdale.

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