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Not only have buildings and businesses endured Carrboro's history, the Farmer's Market, which began in 1945, is still going strong. Today the Farmer's Market is held at the Town Commons; with all the vendors living within 50 miles of Carrboro freshness is guaranteed. In addition to the wonderful fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and flowers many learning opportunities and events are offered to the public. You can experience the chili cook-off, get cooking demonstrations or receive instructions on canning along with a multitude of other topics. Not entirely about food, locals also provide a variety of natural products and crafts for purchase.

A liberal atmosphere, cutting edge ideas and a commitment to intelligent managed growth have made Carrboro a remarkable little town by anyone's standards. The residents share a top-notch school system with Chapel Hill, but in all other ways they have created their own identity. The people of Carrboro are extremely diversified in every aspect from age, to income, background and origin. All the residents benefit from the forward thinking that enables Carrboro not to be ruined by sprawl and to remain true to its charming village character. Not only is there a determination to restore public buildings and the old mill houses, the truly common denominator for Carrboro today seems to be the dedication to art and music that is apparent throughout town.

A prime example of the community's spirit is the Carrboro "ArtsCenter." What started as a painting class in a small loft in 1975 is today an artistic center with classrooms offering more than 100 classes each trimester, 2 separate performance theaters, a dance studio and gallery. The ArtSchool portion of the center offers classes and special programs to families or individuals of all ages. The performance and music series vary from local talent to touring professional companies and musicians. The stage for musicians is not limited to the ArtsCenter; live music is everywhere downtown. Along with outdoor performances around town, many bars and restaurants offer live music. Cat's Cradle is a legendary music venue, possibly the best in the Triangle and highly ranked throughout the southeast. Professional musicians with national recognition and local bands compete for bookings at Cat's Cradle. Music is so strong in Carrboro that there are now several recording studios located in town. During Carrboro's annual Music Festival, a free day of music is sponsored at locations all over town.

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