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Introduction to Carrboro

Carrboro is a small town only in size. With one of the Triangles most desired addresses, Carrboro is now home to 16,000 plus residents.

Sitting at the western end of Chapel Hill the entire town is only 4.25 square miles in size. For a community that started in 1882 as a place for a railroad station to service UNC travelers, it is now the most densely populated town in the state.

Carrboro got its start as a real town with the 1898 addition of "Alberta," Tom Lloyds beloved cotton mill. By 1913 the town had established itself as a world leader in manufacturing railroad cross-ties but the town's name change came when Julian S. Carr bought the cotton mill. Today Alberta is the home of Carr Mill Mall and Fitch Lumber Company which is still operational and just across the street at their original 1923 location.

Saved from demolition, Carr Mill not only remains a landmark, it is now a focal point for Carrboro residents. At one end of the mall you will encounter Weaver Street Market, hugely successful, they are no longer just a specialty grocery, but also a bakery, café, restaurant and community patrons. Dedicated to Carrboro, they sponsor dozens of annual events ranging from "Sunday Jazz on the Lawn," the "Thursday night Music Jam," and "A Family 4th of July Celebration" just to name a few. They are major donors to the local schools and charities. Often you will find lots of people gathered at the outdoor arcade eating, exchanging ideas and depending which day, enjoying a free music event.

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