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Hello. My name is Julie Parrish.

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Julie Parrish Realty
229 Forestwood Drive
Durham, NC 27707
NC Broker License # 52494

When buying or selling real estate, you may find it helpful to have a real estate agent who knows your town first hand and represents you, only you, and not the other party.

Julie was born in Durham. She grew up in the Trinity Park area. For over sixty years, her grandmother owned the Wee Shop - a ladies ready to wear store located on Main Street, downtown Durham. Her grandfather was a local druggist. Her parents were downtown merchants, as well; so the heart of downtown Durham became Julie's playground.

In later years, her mother owned a restaurant located on the south side of Durham. To make a long story short, Julie knows the different areas of Durham from first hand experience, be it living there, playing there, going to school there, working there (waiting tables being the shortest job in history), or owning property there.

Julie attended local private and public schools prior to leaving for schools at Ojai and San Francisco in California. When she returned, she lived briefly in Chapel Hill; then came home to Durham - first to Colonial Village on the east side, then west Durham, and now in Forest Hills on the southern side. She knows the different neighborhoods of Durham and can help in your pursuit of the perfect house that suits your current lifestyle.

Julie became a real estate agent in 1979. For a short while, she managed the dress shop and worked as an agent. Now that all her time is devoted to real estate, she frequently updates her training with courses in order to better serve her clients, the most recent being the GRI. She will listen carefully to your needs. Trained in the arts while at Lone Mountain College, she can, when asked, offer good tips for improving a house with small cosmetic changes.

You will find her knowledgeable about every aspect of the processes involved in buying and selling real estate. While searching for your new home, you will find her patient and pleasent to work with; she is known for her smile, her honesty, and her integrity. She will work closely with the finest mortgage companies, banks and other professionals in the area to make your transaction easy and trouble free.

If you have a question, e-mail Julie at jp@julieparrishrealty.com. OR PHONE 919 489-9694.

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