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Big city and small town combined, actually a pretty perfect blend. This area has managed to grow and retain its southern charm at the same time. Slow or fast pace, which ever you chose, life around here can be quite enjoyable. What we have to offer has not gone unnoticed; Money Magazine has rated us as one of the "Best Places to Live". I also have to mention that Durham's Trinity Park, the neighborhood where I grew up, is included by Money as one the "Best Neighborhoods". I guess my mother thought that when she built her house there over 45 years ago. Anyway, these sites provide a great deal of information and detail about our communities, about the only thing you can't look up is how wonderful the people are and I'll vouch for that fact. What can I say, if you live here you already know and if you don't, you should.


If you have questions regarding homes in any of these towns or cities, e-mail me at jp@julieparrishrealty.com.

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