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Tips For The Exterior

CURB APPEAL: We all react to visual impressions and a bad impression can drive away a Buyer. Simple cosmetic improvements can help your home sell quicker and at a better price. Square footage, prices and location help draw a Buyer to look, but chances are you aren't the only seller in the neighborhood. Its important to put your best foot forward. Read some of the tips below; most of them require a little time and effort, but not a lot of money. When you look at the list try putting yourself in the Buyer's shoes and think how you would react.

THE RIDE BY: Most buyers ride by the front of a home for sale before even making an appointment to go inside. Don't let the exterior give them the urge to keep on driving. Some basic tips include the following:

Stand out at the curb and take a look, if you are undecided about what would help, I recommend you talk it over with your REALTORS®.

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Tools for the clean up Home

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