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Designated Agency - Represented by Designated Associates

Two associates are designated to represent buyer and seller separately within the same brokerage firm.

When a firm represents both the buyer and seller in the same real estate sales transaction, with full disclosure and consent of all parties, the firm can designate one agent within the firm to represent only the interests of the seller and another agent within the firm to represent only the interests of the buyer in the transaction. The declaration of designated agency shall be in writing and signed by all parties. Handling a transaction in this manner puts up a wall between the agents so that information to either's advantage or disadvantage is not shared.

Seller's Agent - Representation to Sell Your Property

If you are Selling real estate you may want to "list" your property with a real estate firm. To authorize the firm and its agents to represent you in your dealings with Buyers you will sign a "listing agreement". A Seller's Agent promotes your best interest while seeking buyers for your property. You may also be asked to allow agents from other firms to help find a buyer for your property. Agents in many areas have "MLS" a system by which they share the information on your house and have agreed to work with agents, of member firms, who may have an interested buyer.

To help you sell your property, the listing firm and its agents will offer to perform a number of services for a commission or fee. Services include items like * helping you price your property * advertising and marketing your property * giving you all required property disclosure forms for you to complete * negotiating for you the best possible price and terms * reviewing all written offers with you * otherwise promoting your interest. For representing you and helping you sell your property, you will pay the listing firm the amount agreed upon under the terms and conditions stated in the written and signed " listing agreement". The listing agreement also states whether you will allow the firm to share its commission with agents representing the buyer. Sharing the commission is a common practice among agents and is on of the features of allowing your property to be included in the MLS system.

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