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The area where everyone hangs out, eats, drinks, and socializes. Kitchens should be clean, bright, and appear as spacious as possible, and kitchens should be free of any bad odors. You want your kitchen to feel good.

It is hard to keep your home in show condition but it is worth it if you are serious about getting your home sold. Making a good impression has importance all around. Agents remember "good houses" and want to bring their buyers. The buyers and their family go home to talk about the house in positive ways while considering if they intend to make an offer. If you've already done all these things, congratulations, and I'd love to know you.

If you think you need a little guidance just call or e-mail and I can answer questions or meet you at your home for a FREE, no pressure consultation. Part of my job is to give you the best advice I can that will help market and sell your home.

For questions or a free on site consultation with no obligation Contact me at jp @julieparrishrealty.com

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