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BATHROOMS; no such thing as too clean.

Do you Remember that last Public Restroom you ran from? Dirty and smelly can send a Buyer running from an otherwise good home.

  • Clean the toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. Bleach stains out of the bowls, remove mildew on grout and tiles, wipe out loose hair that is in the sinks, vacuum or mop up hair that is on the floors. Wipe down the walls.
  • Floors should be clean and shiny. Also wash floor mats and put out fresh towels. This might be one of those times you use the towels you save for company.
  • Clean as much counter space as possible. Put your stuff in the medicine cabinets and drawers if possible.
  • Empty the trash, clean the bathroom mirror(s) and any other glass such as the shower doors.
  • Really look up at the ceiling. Is there mildew or pealing paint or any other problem that needs attention.
  • Check the calk lines inside the tub and at the outer base where the tub or shower meets the floor to see if its time to caulk.

the chores

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